Making a Story Bird

I mad a story bird with a person in New Zealand and she has the same name Lily.  It was so cool to make a story bird with somebody on the other side of the earth!  how you make a story bird:

1. sign in

2. pick a picture

3. make a tittle

4. pres on the button to add a page and that is how you make a story bird.

Here is my story bird. I hope you like it.

The Three rabbits on Storybird

The Water Cycle

On Friday we made Common Craft water cycle videos.  There were four groups with three people in them.  My group had Justin, Sophie and me.  We made the pieces for Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation.  Here is a video of the Water cycle I hope you like it.

My Reading

My reading has improved a lot since September.  I am reading Inky the Indigo Fairy.  Have you ever seen Inky the Indigo Fairy?  If you have not it is a very good book.  I have been working on my fluency by rereading the text, reading good fit books, and reading voraciously. I hope you notice the change in my reading. Here is a video of me reading:

Science Fair

I love Science fair!  It is so cool because you learn new things.  My project was egg in a bottle.  Did you know that the oxygen gets burnt from the fire which makes the vacuum?  Jordan did floating ball, Ana did balloon rocket car, Sahara did fruit battery, Silky did crystyals and Jenny did crystals.  Science fair is so fun.

My Art

I love art because people look at it when you are done.  My favourite things are the dasies we made.  We lernt  how to mix colers to make tints and shades.  To make a tint you use white and to make a shade you use black.  Here is a slide show of my art.


I love Infinitus because they are so good at playing music.  Their names are John, Alex and Anthony.  Here are some of the songs they played:HannahMontana, Phinyus and Ferb, Star Wars, Pokemon, Smok on the Water, Spider Man, Spung Bob, 20th Senchery Fox theam song, ScoobyDoo and lots lots more.  Here is their webesite  My favourite song was Smoke on the Water.  Have you ever seen Infinitus?

Eagle Article February

My family went on a special trip to Ontario to visit my Aunt Val.  She was born on Valentine’s Day.  Were you born on Valentine’s Day?  When Terry (my brother), John (my dad), and I went to Ontario we got to go and see the bells.  We got to hear them from the inside.  They were very loud and I mean loud!

My Cat Gobber

My cat gobber is a very nice cat but very shy.  My family got him from the wild on denmin island and he was very skinny when we got him. My dad was the first to touch him but he just ran away.  We tried everything and the last thing werct.The last thing was to put food out in the living room then we put it a little closer every time.