Eagle Article February

My family went on a special trip to Ontario to visit my Aunt Val.  She was born on Valentine’s Day.  Were you born on Valentine’s Day?  When Terry (my brother), John (my dad), and I went to Ontario we got to go and see the bells.  We got to hear them from the inside.  They were very loud and I mean loud!

2 thoughts on “Eagle Article February

  1. Dear Lily,
    It sure sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! When did you go to Ontario? I haven’t been there for years. I think the last time might have been when I was in grade 11. I would love to learn more about the bells you described. Were they church bells?

    Keep up the great blogging,

    Mrs. W

  2. Dear Lily,

    I love your cat.She is so so cewt.Jordan said that she wont,s to see you more.Hope that you can send a comennt back!!!

    Love Jorja Jordan

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